A healthy diet will help you train harder, perform better, recover faster, reduce your chances of illness and gain a competitive edge. Here are some tips to help you plan a healthy training diet

Before training

Fuel up! Eat a meal 2-3 hours before training

Hydrate by drinking 200-300 ml water 2 hours before swimming

During training

Prevent dehydration, refuel by drinking around 300 – 500 ml per hour

Drink little and often, ideally every 10 – 15 mins

After training

Re-hydrate straight away, drink water or diluted juice

Refuel with a carb & protein snack within 30 minutes

Pre-training meals

Jacket potato with cheese, tuna or baked beans, plus veg

Pasta with tomato-based sauce or pesto; cheese, tuna or chicken; plus veg

Rice with chicken, fish or beans plus veg

One pot dish with pulses, veg, lean meat or fish PLUS potatoes or pasta

If you don’t have time for a meal (e.g. early morning training), have a snack 30 min before training with 200 – 300 ml water

NEVER train on empty!

For training sessions lasting up to 1 hour

Water or sugar free squash

For training sessions lasting more than 1 hour

Diluted fruit just (diluted at least 1 to 1)

Water – plus a snack (e.g. dried fruit or banana)

Isotonic sports drinks are expensive and not necessary!

The three R’s – Refuel and Re-hydrate for Recovery

500ml milk, milk shake or flavoured milk

One banana plus yogurt or nuts

Wholemeal toast, sandwich, with peanut butter, cheese, chicken or fish