Why have a squad structure?

The purpose of the squad structure is to put some formalised structure into the Club which provides a clear progression path for the swimmers.

It also simplifies the billing process and makes the administration of the Club easier to manage, and brings EGSC in line with many of the other clubs in the area which already operate this type of structure.

The squad structure was updated in October 2021 to improve swimmer pathways, consistency in coaching and access to more training time. The structure provides a lead coach within each squad and the Head Coach co-ordinating the direction of the various squads. Training programs, individual swimmer coaching and parent contact is the responsibility of the lead squad coach.

Swimmers moving squad need to demonstrate they can maintain the training guidelines defined for the target squad and that they meet the criteria for moving. We aim for squad promotions every three months. Moves will be reviewed by the coaches taking into consideration current age and swimming age.

Overview –

Training Squads

Training 1 Squad:

1 hour of training a week – This is our entry point for the majority of swimmers joining the club.

Monthly fee: £38

Training 2 Squad:

2 x 1 hour sessions of training a week – The next step to building stamina alongside technique, swimmers start to train alongside other squads in the club.

Monthly fee: £48

Club 1 and 2 Squads:

1 and a half or 3 hours training a week – A squad for older swimmers who are currently in the training squads.

Monthly fee: £46 or £56

Club 3 and 4 Squads:

3 or 4 and a half hours training a week – A squad for older swimmers who have swam at a high competitive standard in the past but looking to ease off.

Monthly fee: £56 or £63

Training/Competitive Squads

Gala + Squad:

2 x 90 minute sessions of training a week – Swimmers are pushed in this final squad with a Wednesday session dedicated to building up the stamina needed for the following squads, alongside one of their normal hour long sessions.

Monthly fee: £56

Competitive Squads

County Squad: 

3 x 90 minute sessions of training a week – This is the entry level for the racing squads, swimmers will be encouraged to enter external gala and should be aiming for County entry times.

Monthly fee: £63

Regional 1 Squad:

6 hours of training a week – Swimmers will need to be actively racing at trageted Open meets attaining County times and striving for Regional qualifications.

Monthly fee: £68

Regional 2 Squad:

7 and a half hours of training a week

Monthly fee: £73

National Squad:

9 hours of training a week – This is the pinnacle of the Squad structure with swimmers actively racing at targeted Open meets attaining County and Regional qualification while striving for National qualifying times.

Monthly fee: £78

It is envisaged that swimmers will progress through the squads over time. The rate of progress will depend on the swimmer’s ability, commitment and attitude to training.

Masters Squad

1 x 90 minute session once per week – Friday 6am to 7.30am – The Masters squad is for those swimmers aged 19yrs+.  This session is a coached swimming set for adults who want to improve their swimming technique and get fitter whilst enjoying swimming with a like minded group of people. There is also the potential to compete in events.  We offer taster sessions for this squad before you sign up as a member. To enquire about a taster session please click here.

Monthly fee: £30